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The sinking

The sinking of the Roma has been and still is the subject of various versions; many concern the actual intentions of Admiral Bergamini, the reasons why the fleet sailed from La Spezia and Genoa with the Italian insignia and not with those provided for by the Armistice clauses (black brush on the shore and dark circle on the bow), the reason why he focused on La Maddalena and not on Bona, always as foreseen by the armistice clauses.

Our reconstruction is based on the study of the correspondence carried out by Com. Pier Paolo Bergamini, and we have avoided venturing into hypotheses and suppositions that are not the purpose of our work: to honor the fallen and the survivors of the tragedy.

Copia di Foto mai vista.jpg

This is the only image found to date of the three Littorio classes anchored in La Spezia. It was taken by the RAF probably on 17 or 18 April 1943.

Littorio on the top left, Vittorio Veneto on the right and Rome below.

The two destroyers moored at the Lagora dock that closes the Duca degli Abruzzi dock are the FR21, a former French Lion who arrived from Toulon on April 15, and the Rifleman.

The incomplete hull correctly indicated as Hull of Regolo class, is that of the Caio Mario, used as a fuel depot after having given the bow to her twin Attilio Regolo.

We can thus imagine the three units in the late afternoon of 8 September

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