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The Associazione Regia Nave Roma is a non-profit cultural association founded in 2003. This site, set up with a first version of 2006, aims to collect information, memories and testimonies on the history and the tragic end of the most powerful unit of the Italian Royal Navy.
We are at the fourth version of the site, which represents the effort to catalog in order to make available the hundreds of documents, photographs, videos and information that friends and members of our Association have wanted to provide us.
This version tries to simplify the previous versions, especially from the graphical point of view.
The site has been deliberately kept sober, respecting all those who lost their lives and those who want to remember.
And it is also a constantly updated site, due to the constant flow of documents that are sent to us and for the long work of cataloging what has been received so far, still in progress at the time this version was put online.
For any difficulty or error (always possible) please contact thewebmaster.
All the information reported comes from the photographic archives and historical memories of those involved in the end of the battleship Rome and with their kind permission. A lot of material was also provided to us by third parties and other associations or companies to which our thanks go and which are however listed in the "thanks menu".

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The Association collaborates with:
Acorazado Museum Rome
Isla del Rey
Port Mahon - Menorca

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