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Bombing of June 5, 1943

On June 5, 1943, during the bombing of the La Spezia base, two armor-piercing bombs from 908 kg damaged the hull, loading 2,350 tons of water. The Vittorio Veneto was also damaged, reducing the battle squad to just Littorio, previously damaged in the bombing of La Spezia on the night between 18 and 19 April, in which the Alpine destroyer had been sunk.

The Vittorio Veneto could be repaired in the arsenal, returning to the team in just over a month.

For the Roma, hit by two other bombs during the bombing of the night of June 24, which did not cause leaks in the hull, it was necessary  and the entry into the dock, returning to the team only on August 13.

La spezia giu 43 Roma Littorio.jpg
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