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The year two thousand and eleven, the fifteenth day of March 2011 in my studio in Rome . 

Before me, Dr. Livio Colizzi, Notary in Rome, with office in Via Claudio Monteverdi, 20, registered in the Roll of the United Notary Districts of Rome, Velletri and Civitavecchia,

the gentlemen have appeared

Catalano Gonzaga Vittorio, born in Rome on 14/06/1956 and residing there in via G. Puccini 9, tax code CTLVTR56H14H501Q

Amici Andrea, born in Sanremo (IM) on 23/02/1971, resident in Genoa, Via Sotto il Monte 30, tax code MCANDR71B23I138L

Perrier Tortorici Montaperto Maria Alteria, Catalan married Gonzaga, born in Rome on 30/07/1960, and residing there in via G. Puccini 9, tax code PRRMLT60L70H501G.

The appearing parties whose personal identity I, the Notary, am certain of, subject to the declaration that they are all Italian citizens, as they affirm, agree and stipulate as follows:

Item one

Between Vittorio Catalano Gonzaga, Andrea Amici and Maria Alteria Perrier Tortorici Montaperto a non-profit Cultural Association is established, called "Regia Nave Roma - Cultural Association"

Article two

The Association is based in Rome, currently, in Via Giacomo Puccini n. 9. No statutory changes will be required for the Transfer of the address of the registered office in Rome.

Article three

The aims of the association are:

  • the collection, cataloging and dissemination of historical documents concerning the Regia Nave Roma, which sank in the waters of Sardinia on 9 September 1943;

  • the promotion of forums, seminars, conferences and rallies concerning the Regia Nave Roma and the cataloging and editing of documents relating to the same;

  • study, propose, publish and make available to members and to the public documents, images and films concerning the Regia Nave Roma;

  • participate, and encourage the participation of its members, in initiatives and events related to the world of the Italian Navy and military history in general;

  • participate, through its own representation, in similar initiatives even where the cognitive contribution of the Association is requested or proposed;

  • favor the integration between the ship's veterans and their descendants and with the Italian Navy;

  • organize meetings and training and information programs, also in collaboration with the cultural authorities and the Italian Navy, on the ship, its crew and in particular on what is available regarding the decisions of the Commander of the Naval Forces from Battle Admiral Bergamini, in the tragic days of the Armistice;

  • to set up a specialized library / bookstore also favoring the drafting, by members and non-members, of texts on the Regia Nave Roma and on any possible implication;

  • create and manage its own website as a vehicle for information on initiatives and for the publication of documents collected by the Association;

  • to create opportunities and points of encounter and discussion between the ship's veterans, their descendants, historians, specialized journalists and the authorities in general;

  • undertake any other initiative that is necessary, or simply useful, for the pursuit of the associative purposes;

  In order to allow the pursuit of institutional purposes, the Association may request contributions, also in the form of subsidized loans, from the State, public bodies, international or supranational organizations or private individuals.

Article four

Natural and legal persons or entities that meet the requirements set out in the attached statute can be admitted to participate in the Association. 

Article five

The bodies of the Association are:

a) the Assembly of associates,

b) the President,

c) the Board of Directors.

Article six

The registration fee of the members who will become part of the Association is determined by the Board of Directors and must be paid within the sixth month of the financial year.

The Board of Directors may at any time and without formalities, adapt the aforementioned fee to the needs of the Association.

Contributions paid for any reason by the shareholders are not repeatable.

The Common Fund of the Association is indivisible during the life of the Association.

Article seven

The association will dissolve with a resolution of the Assembly pursuant to Art. 10 of the Statute.

Article eight

The duration and the other rules that regulate the life of the Association are reported in the Statute of the Association which is presented to me by the appearing parties is attached, with prior notice by me Notary, to this deed under the letter "A"

Article nine

Vittorio Catalano Gonzaga as President, Andrea Amici as Vice President and Maria Alteria Perrier Tortorici Montaperto, retro generalized, who present accept the offices, are called to compose the first Board of Directors, which will be made up of three members.

They will remain in office for four years.

Article ten

The costs of this deed and consequent expenses are borne by the association.

This written deed, partly by mechanical means by a person I trust and partly by my hand, on six pages of two sheets is read by me, the Notary, to the appearing parties, who approve it at my request because it conforms to their will: they are the eighteen and thirty minutes.





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