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The flag of Rome Capital to honor the 1393 Sailors of the Battleship Roma

Bandiera Comune Roma

Nine September 1943, a German plane hits and sinksBattleship Rome, Flagship of the Royal Navy. 1393 sailors died, together with the commander of the Naval Battle Forces, the squad admiralCarlo Bergamini. Only 628 survived.

Nine September 2012, 69 years after that tragedy, the Municipality of Rome handed over the flag of Roma Capitale to the President of theRoyal Ship Rome Association. The flag will be carried to the flag room created by the Association in Porto Mahon, Menorca, where the burned shipwrecks and the survivors of the sinking were hospitalized, and where twenty-six of our sailors still rest.

Mahon 1973

30th anniversary in Mahon - 1973

25° anniversario

25th anniversary

50° anniversario

50th anniversary

60° anniversario

60th anniversary