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The Archive of the Association

Our archive includes photos of the ship, public and private films, drawings and paintings, relics of veterans.

All of this material comes from our members and supporters.

It is perhaps the main intent of the site:the virtual museum

We do not require anyone to send any material, only photos or electronic scans.

Each owner will thus have their own memories with them, but will share them online in memory of the history of Rome.

Be wary of people who ask you for diaries, photographs, documents, contacts or other. By promising to enrich a non-existent museum dedicated to the Nave Roma, they will in reality only deprive you of the heritage of your family memories, precluding any possibility of transmitting this extraordinary page of Italian history to posterity.

To feed this site with testimonials, it is sufficient to send us the copy of the documents in file, so that no one is separated from family memories. The only real museum dedicated to the battleship is in Mahon, Menorca, Spain.Anyone wishing to make a donation of any kind (photographs, memorabilia, money, etc.) can contact the Association and will receive all the information.

We thank all those who have provided and will provide material that could fit into this section.

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