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The Armistice

on 8 September 1943, at 6.30 pm, General Eisenhower from Algiers radio, declared the surrender of the Italian Armed Forces and the cessation of hostilities.

Marshal Badoglio made a similar proclamation at 7.45 pm.

It is not the intention,   in our reconstruction of the facts, to delve into the analysis of this tragic and controversial day. The sequence of events reported on our site focuses only on what can be directly connected to the sinking of Roma.

To better frame those tragic days, we invite you to seethe documentary taken from Youtubewhich, for those who will read this section of the site, will help to better understand the long and sometimes confused sequence of the reported facts, starting from the mission of Gen. Castellano in Lisbon, up to the sinking and the subsequent decision of the Adm. Oliva, to direct the Fleet to Bona.

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