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From La Spezia to GE12

Supermarina, with a phonogram of 11.45 pm on 8 September, ordered the CC.FF.NN.BB. to set sail for La Maddalena.

Admiral Bergamini prepared the navigation plans and issued the following provisions:

041109 - From the CC.FF.NA.BB. to All: arrange yourself according to the device ofgear n. 11


02.00 am

VIII Naval Division:departure from Genoa at 02.45 am on the 9th, including the Libra torpedo boat. The coordinates and the time of the meeting point were also communicated with the other units of the FF.NN.BB., which would depart from La Spezia;

VIIAndIX Naval Division: prepare to set sail at 02.30 on the 9th and be ready to move at 03.00 from point “C” [outside the breakwater];

XIIAndXIV CC.TT squadron.: the same instructions given to the VII and IX Division are given

Torpedo boat group: to the torpedo boat Pegaso, Group Leader, ready to leave at 02.00 on 9

"From CC.FF.NN.BB. to All: Activate. Pass ready to move "

002109 hours

005209 hours

"From CC.FF.NN.BB. to Pegaso, Impetuoso, Ardimentoso, Orione, Orsa. Departure at 02.00 day 9 V. 22 for anchorage.  Lat. 42 ° .36 'N Long. 80 ° .19 'EA Asinara Island "

"From CC.FF.NN.BB. to All: Nave Roma will pass obstructions at 03.00 on day 9 preceded by the CC. TT. and VII Division followed by Nave Italia Nave V. Veneto "

Hours 013809

the CC.FF.NN.BB. sent Supermarina the following phonogram:

"COMMAND IN HEAD NAVAL FORCES FROM BA7TAGLIA - 15749. Asti Table - Naval Forces departure forecast from La Spezia 030009 speed knots 24 point 42 ° .36 'latitude 8 ° .19 longitude, and 41 ° .09' latitude 8 ° .19 ' longitudine  alt Arrival La Maddalena at 2.30 pm alt At 06.09 am meeting with the 8th Division andTorpedo boat LIBRA alt Torpedo boat PEGASO Torpedo boat IMPETUOSO Torpedo boat ORSA Torpedo boat ORIONEthey precede Naval Force advanced escort alt AII Asti Table 020009 ”.

020009 hours

All the Units present in La Spezia began to maneuver to move to point "C". The cruisers Bolzano, which was in the Arsenal to repair the damage reported on 12 August 1942 when it was torpedoed by a British submarine, and the Gorizia, could not leave because on 10 April 1943 it had been hit by American bombers at La Maddalena.

Hours 023009

The VIII Naval Division set sail from Genoa assuming Rv 170 ° and speed 24 knots. The destroyers Maestrale and Corazziere could not leave because of the great works.

Hours 024709

"From the CC.FF.NA.BB. to All: Set sail "

031309 hours

Vittorio Veneto came out last. Immediately after the passage of this battleship all the units moved, placing themselves in line in a row in the following formation: at the head the XII Squadriglia CC.TT. followed by the XIV Squadron, the VII and IX Divisions. The fleet assumed Rv 218 ° speed of 24 knots.

Hours 034009

"From the CC.FF.NA.BB. to All: take your time according to the running device n. 11"

The units therefore moved into the following formation: at the head the 7th Division, followed by the 9th, destroyer in close escort position, the 14th Squadron to the right of the deployment and the 12a  Squadron on the left. Course and speed remained unchanged.

041109 hours

042709 hours

"From the CC.FF.NA.BB. To all dependent units: Beware of torpedo bombers at dawn "

North of Capo Corso the reunification between the units departed from La Spezia and the VIII took placeDivision set sail from Genoa.

061509 hours

"From CC.FF.NN.BB. to all: Place yourself secondGE travel device 12,5a ccolumn"

063009 hours

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