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Sailing to Asinara

From GE 12 we continued with Rv 220 ° increasing the speed to 22 knots.

Admiral Bergamini prepared the navigation plans and issued the following provisions:


Hours 065009

"From CC.FF.NN.BB. to Nave Libra. Take a seat in the prow of my battleship at a distance of 4,500 m ”.

"Admiral Bergamini again drew the Commanders' attention to the possibility of being subjected to air attacks, by sending the following message:  

"To all units: Maximum attention to air attacks".

070709 hours

Hours 013809

"From CC.FF.NN.BB. to All: Nave Roma will pass obstructions at 03.00 on day 9 preceded by the CC. TT. and 7th Division followed by Nave Italia Nave V. Veneto "

Junction with the Pegasus torpedo boat group, which again took to the distant vanguard

084009 hours

Arriving at the landing point to head towards the Gulf of Asinara, the formation turned left and took a 180 ° course, the speed was reduced to 20 knots.

We proceeded zigzagging.

090009 hours

There was also an exchange of messages between the FF.NN.BB. and Marina La Maddalena to establish the mooring procedures for the naval complex, as their stop would have been short-lived:

090009 hours

090009 "From Nave Roma to CC.FF.NN.BB. in Marina La Maddalena 37330 If short parking time is given [...] 090009 ”(broadcast at 09.45.09).

Hours 024709

Marina La Maddalena replied: “Marina La Maddalena to ship Rome for CC.FF.NN.BB. Given the shortness of the stop, I propose moorings (buoys) for large ships [...] “.

031309 hours

090109 hours. Supermarina retransmitted to CC.FF.NN.BB. the following message compiled by Admiral de Courten at 07.15, just arrived in Pescara and before embarking on the corvette Baionetta:

Hours 034009

Hours 090109. “18333 POPE [Absolute Precedence over Absolute Precedence - nda] Supermarina 5th Division and CC.FF.NN.BB. alt Executive pro-memoria public order no. 1 (one) Supreme Command as it does not conflict with armistice clauses alt de Courten 071509 ”.

041109 hours

042709 hours

090509 hours. Admiral Bruno Brivonesi received a note sent by teleprinter from Supermarina in which it was specified that the FF.NN.BB. they would arrive at La Maddalena around 2.30 pm and he was confirmed to hand over the documents received in Rome to Admiral Bergamini; he was also ordered to inform him to continue immediately to Bona. In a subsequent message sent by Supermarina to Admiral Brivonesi, in response to clarifications requested by him, Admiral Giartosio specified that the instructions had to be given to Admiral Bergamini after the mooring of the Squadron and not in the open sea, as he believed. 'Admiral Brivonesi

061509 hours

063009 hours

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