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The declarations of the armistice of Eisenhower and Badoglio


Announcement of Genereale Eisenhower from Algiers radio

"This is Gen. Eisenhower.

The Italian government has surrendered unconditionally to these armed forces.

 The hostilities between the armed forces of the United Nations and those of Italy cease instantly.

All the Italians who will help us to expel the German attacker from Italian soil will have the assistance and support of the allied nations ”.

Announcement of Genereale Badoglio from EIAR

The Italian government, having recognized the impossibility of continuing the unequal fight against the overwhelming opposing power, in order to spare further and more serious disasters for the nation, has requested an armistice from General Eisenhower, commander in chief of the Anglo-American allied forces.

The request was accepted.

Consequently, any act of hostility against the Anglo-American forces must cease by the Italian forces everywhere.

However, they will react to any attacks from any other source.

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